About Military Stock Photography

ABOUT THE PHOTOGRAPHER: Images on this site are primarily the work of Hans Halberstadt, author of over sixty books, most on modern military topics. Halberstadt is one of the very few combat veterans writing and illustrating non-fiction books on the military today. He's spent extended periods with Green Beret and Navy SEAL units, flown in most American military aircraft, participated in boarding operations on the high seas with the Coast Guard, driven the M1A1 Abrams tank and fired its main gun. Halberstadt is a Life Member of the Association of the US Army and belongs to the UDT/SEAL Assocition, the 145th Combat Aviation Brigade Association, and the Author's Guild. 
MILITARY STOCK PHOTOGRAPHY -- Legal photography of US military subjects for advertising and editorial uses.

MSP is the only known photo archive specialzing in rights-managed images of the US armed forces. A very large proportion of these images are covered by model-releases and are also compliant with US Department of Defense (DoD) regulations for advertising and promotional use -- we are the only dedicated vendor of such images at the present time.

Many of these photographs have been made with special assistance and cooperation of the US armed forces. Coverage of the US Navy SEALs, Green Berets, and other special operations forces represents very unusual access and support.